Mum & Ducklings Rescued in Maresfield

Yesterday rescuers Ellie and Julie were called to Maresfield after a mum and ducklings were discovered wandering around a close. When they arrived they were told the mum had nine ducklings but on counting them one was missing.

Rescuers searched the area and soon found the lost duckling down a drain. Rescuers were unable to lift the drain cover so used a padded net to rescue the duckling and lift it back to safety. He was quickly reintroduced to his mum and siblings who were now in the callers rear garden.

Ellie assessed the area and working with Julie attempted to encourage mum out of the garden to walk her to a potential pond. Unfortunately this would mean walking her in the opposite direction to the pond in order to get out of the close before turning back and heading to the pond. Mum was having none of it and insisted she wanted to keeping trying to find a way out of the garden in a straight line to the pond.

Eventually rescuers had no choice but to take the risky approach of catching mum and all the ducklings. Working as a team Ellie and Julie were success and able to take her round to the pond where they were released and allowed to swim off as a family.

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