Gull Rescued from Netting Eastbourne

Rescuers Lisa and Sandra were called out to a gull entangled in netting on a warehouse roof along Lottbridge Drove Eastbourne this morning.

On arrival they could see the gull hanging with netting entangled around its body and legs.

Using our rescue ladders Sandra was able to climb up to the gull and but the netting was right down under the feathers. She had no choice but to cut a square of netting from the already damaged netting in order to bring the bird down to the ground.

After cutting the netting off, the gull was delivered to WRAS's Casualty Centre for assessment and to check for ligature wounds. The gull in now being kept for a few days for some minor injuries to heal. So hopefully will be suitable for release soon.

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One thought on “Gull Rescued from Netting Eastbourne

  1. Marcia Servente

    Yesterday, 17 June you rescued another seagull from netting on a block of flats in Selwyn Road. I cannot tell you how grateful I am as we have been so worrried and miserable on its behalf. We also tried to contact you about this gull but were unable to get through. Fortunately another neighbour made the contact. I do hope the netting can be removed as that gull family have suffered for at least 2 years with the loss of their chicks due to that netting. It has been so sad. We love the gulls. I intend to up my small monthly donation in honour of this wonderful rescue service. Thank you.


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