Robin Stuck To Hanging Glue Trap at Fletching

Despite the Glue Traps (Offences) Bill going through Parliament to prevent rodents from dying a horrendously cruel death the same can't be said for birds being caught on hanging glue traps for catching flies and other insects.

Every year East Sussex WRAS deals with dozens of cases and rescues centres nationally deal with hundreds too. Many more are thought to die and not get reported.

This robin became stuck in a glue trap hanging in a green house at Fletching over night and was discovered this morning. The caller did exactly the right thing in covering the remainder of the glue trap with plastic and materials to help prevent the bird from getting stuck further and called East Sussex WRAS for help as soon as possible.

Generally there is no easy way of getting them off these traps and these birds end up loosing a considerable number of feather as a result.

During hot weather, as food become harder for birds and bats to find, our wildlife is attracted to areas where there are high numbers of insects which can lead them into conflict with fly papers and glue traps. This poor bird will end up staying with East Sussex WRAS for a while to regrow some of its feathers before it can be released back to the wild.

East Sussex WRAS is urging people to not use any type of glue trap for any form of pest control as they are not humane and only lead to suffering. All the time these products are available to buy people will use them not aware of the suffering they can cause.

There is a wildlife crisis in East Sussex at the moment and not enough resources and facilities to help all the casualties in this county. Rescues and vets are struggling to cope with the workload.

East Sussex WRAS is a well established charity and year on year expands is work in a sustainable way, but in order to grow we need more support.

Please support our Wildlife Crisis Appeal and make a donation today so we can look at getting a bigger and better casualty centre up and running.

You can donate at:

Reg Charity 1108880 Registered with the Fundraising Regulator.

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