Royal family rescued at Eastbourne!

A group of ducklings had a narrow escape this morning after being led by their mum across the busy A22 at Eastbourne. Unfortunately the mum was run over and killed but the ducklings scatters across the road panicking. Rescuers from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) rushed to the scene and spent over 2 hours catching the ducklings on the grass verge and bushes whilst the Royal wedding was taking place.

Rescuers were able to catch 12 out of a possible 14 ducklings, and attempts are still on going to find the remaining two.

"We thought it would be appropriate to name the ducklings 'The Royal Family' as this was all going on during the wedding service" said Trevor Weeks founder of East Sussex WRAS.

Rescuers were scratched and stung during the rescue mission having to get inside bushes, behind brambles and through stinging nettles to rescue the little bundles of fluff! The duckling are going to go to Blackberry Farm Childrens Acivity Centre on the A22 where staff there are going to rear them and give them a good home.

"They are very cute and our rescuers are pulling out all the stops and put in a lot of time to try and rescue all the ducklings, we don’t like the thought of any being left behind without a mum" said Trevor Weeks, "so much for taking time to watch the Royal Wedding today, although the roads have been quieter and this probably helped safe their lives as if the road had been busier they would have been more likely to get run over."

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Press Contact: Trevor Weeks, Director, East Sussex WRAS, 07931 523958

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