Sheffield Park Ducklings Rescued

Thursday 12th August, early evening East Sussex WRAS received a report of 8 ducklings on their own on a pond at the National Trust property Sheffield Park. Staff at the park were concerned after they had been watching the ducklings all day and mum had not returned. WRAS at the time was extremely busy and only one of its ambulance cars was free to attend as all other ambulances were on rescues or moving casualties to off site pens etc.

Trevor had to wait for rescuer Sandra to finish before heading across as these sort of rescues often require multiple rescuers. Once on site the eight ducklings were happily swimming about at the far side of the pond. With lots of vegetation and bushes and brush wood at the edges of the pond the rescue had the potential to be really challenging.

Trevor requested one of WRAS's technical rescue transit vans attend with an inflatable boat plus more personnel. Whilst waiting Trevor decided to don a storm suit, wade out, and try and bring the ducklings to a move easily manageable area of the pond. The ducklings were very co-operative and through more luck than skill Trevor was able to corral them next to a large fallen tree trunk in the pond and with Sandra's help they all suddenly ran straight into Trevor net in what has to be one of the quickest duckling rescues of its type!

WRAS's transit was stood down and Trevor and Sandra loaded the ducklings onboard and headed back across the park and on to WRAS's Casualty Centre at Whitesmith. They will now be reared in safety and it is hoped that they will be releasable back at Sheffield Park once old enough to look after themselves properly.

Big thank you to National Staff who waited for rescuers to arrive and assisted.

Reg Charity 1108880

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