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A warning is being issued to pet owners in the Hazelwood Avenue, Brodrick Road, Willington Park Drive and Jordans Lane area of Eastbourne to keep a close eye on pets and to seek veterinary advice as a matter of urgency is they suspect their pets to have picked up poison. » Read more

Volunteer rescuers have spent four and a half hours trying to rescue 3 fox cubs in a den in a hedgerow at Dallington near Heathfield, East Sussex yesterday (Saturday 9th April 2011).

A horse rider called in East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) after finding a baby fox cub wandering around a narrow lane. She placed the cub back into the nearby den where she saw another cub which was calling. Close by the horse rider then noticed a dead fox and grew concerned for the cubs' welfare. East Sussex WRAS attended onsite and checked the dead fox to find it was a lactating vixen which had been dead for about 24 – 48 hours and probably a road casualty. » Read more

I watched the Fox Bite programme - better than I thought it was going to be - there is clearly more to the situation than meets the eye. I am very pleased that the "feeding foxes" issue was raised as I have said for ages now that taming foxes and domesticating them via feeding on a daily basis is not right and not fair... on the foxes. » Read more

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) has stepped forward after the recent fox bite incident in Brighton.

The charity is warning against any unnecessary steps being taken towards foxes and other wildlife. Trevor Weeks, the charity's founder, said "we all expect the media these days to use sensational wording around these incidents but unfortunately some people are frightened by what is reported in the media. Although I feel sorry for what the children have been through and the worry it must have caused to the parents, we really need to put these incidents into perspective. It is clear from the London incident that there is more there than meets the eye, especially as they have refused to allow experts to investigate, and I, like so many others, do not believe that it was a fox that attacked the children, and like so many incident before it may end up being the parents trying to protect the family dog or cat which might be the true culprit. It has been known for years by the educational authorities that foxes live under such make shift buildings at schools, so it should come as no surprise that there was a fox present. The fox did not attack the child, it was defending itself – there is a significant difference. Any wild animal is going to turn round and bite if you grab its tail. I can remember as a child being warned about this by my parents and children of this age should be supervised closely." » Read more

WRAS carer Monica Russell has her hands full at the moment trying to hand rear 5 fox cubs. The latest one was rescued by WRAS rescuers Trevor Weeks and Kathy Martyn late last night after a kitten was found bemused sniffing round it on a drive way in Bexhill. The very small cub was less than 2 hours old and still had its umbilicus attached and some placenta too. The very small cub was placed on a heat pad an taken to WRAS carer Monica Russell where it is now being hand reared. This little cub will join 'Crinkle', 'Rocky', 'Cookie' and 'Fudge' who are a little older and came from Hampden Park and Langney. » Read more

A fox has been rescued from the side of a railway line just north of Eastbourne Railway Station. The fox, suffering from a head injury, was reported to station staff following a sighting of the poor creature lying at the side of the railway line.

Staff from Eastbourne Railway Station called out East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS), who attended on site within 30 minutes. » Read more

A 3-4 week old fox cub found wandering around a garden in Seaford has been safely returned to its den by volunteer rescuers from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS).

At 5.30pm on Easter Monday rescuers were called to a house in Seaford after the residents found a cub wandering around in their garden. Within minutes rescuers were on their way. "We treat these calls as urgently as possible especially when they come in late in the day" explained Trevor Weeks, founder of East Sussex WRAS, "this is our first cub of the season and he needed to be checked on and assessed to see whether he has been abandoned or just become impatient waiting for his mum." » Read more

The winter is supposed to be the quietest time of year for WRAS, but yesterday volunteer rescuers were rushed off their feet with calls to over 21 casualties. Normally the January call-out rate is averages about 5 a day. "This has been an amazingly busy day" said Trevor Weeks " it reminds me of the Boomtown Rats’ song "I Don’t like Mondays"! I hope that the rest of the week does not stay as busy." » Read more

A fox rescued from a garden in Eastbourne will be featured on BBC1’s Animals 24:7 Television Programme on Friday 12th October 2007.

Trevor Weeks founder of East Sussex Wildlife Rescue is featured being called out to rescue a cub which was caught in chain link fencing, seeking treatment for the cub and eventually releasing the fox cub back to where it came from. » Read more