Wildlife Charity kept on its toes over Festive Period

Fox caught in fence at Lower Dicker
Fox caught in fence at Lower Dicker

A wildlife charity has been kept on its toes over the Festive Period with a variety of call-outs and casualties including a number of serious incidents.

Incidents have included….

2am Christmas Day an ambulance was called out to an injured fox in Eastbourne, but found to be limping but very mobile and not in need of rescue.

A Natterers Bat found by staff in the warehouse of Heathfield Co-op. The bat was grounded unable to fly, lethargic, dehydrated and underweight and had to be rushed to Bat expert Jenny Clark at Forest Row for urgent attention.

A collapsed fox in a barn at Newick Lane, Mayfield, which sadly died on site.

A fox with a rear leg caught in stock fencing at Lower Dicker, which required cutting free. The fox was rushed to Henley House Vets in Uckfield where the leg was operated on as an emergency procedure. Due to the number of casualties in care at WRAS’s Hospital the fox is now recovering at the Fox Project’s centre near Tunbridge Wells.

A vole caught by a cat was rescued in South street Lewes, now in care at WRAS’s Casualty Centre.

Two wood pigeons hit by cars, both in Polegate. One was hit twice in quick succession before a kind motorist stopped and helped the pigeon. Sadly both pigeons were suffering from severe injuries which proved to be fatal.


Swan from Lottbridge Drove
Swan from Lottbridge Drove

An emergency ambulance rushed out to a swan crashed on Lottbridge Drove in Eastbourne. She was found walking alongside the dual carriageway. A member of the public waited with her until WRAS rescuers arrived.  The swan was swiftly rescued and transported to WRAS’s Casualty Centre. She was found to have three leeches stuck around her eye lids, the most likely cause of her crash landing. She was bedded down for the night and checked  over the following day and declared suitable for release.

A road casualty wild rabbit at Rodmell with head trauma, which needed to be rushed to the vets for emergency treatment.

These are just a few of the incidents dealt with over the Festive period.

“This year has not been busier, but the types of calls have been more severe and time consuming than normal.” Said Trevor Weeks MBE founder of East Sussex WRAS.

“I would like to thank all our volunteers and staff for working so hard this winter. Our centre operates 365 days of the year and our centre is over 90% full at the moment mainly with hedgehogs which are too small to hibernate or suffering from internal parasite problems.”

“Each hedgehog we overwinter will cost about £130 to overwinter and look after, so although the number of call-outs is not that high, we are still kept very busy looking after our precious local wildlife.” Added Trevor.

Anyone wanting to help support WRAS’s vital life saving work can make a donation by calling 01825-873003 during office hours or by visiting the donation page on their website.


Press Contacts:

Trevor Weeks – 07931523958

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance (WRAS)

Reg Charity 1108880

Reg Address: 8 Stour Close, Stone Cross, BN24 5QU

Hospital Address: Unit 8 The Shaw Barn, Whitesmith, Lewes, BN8 6JD

24hr Rescue Line: 07815-078234

Private Mobile: 07931-523958


An award winning community charity.

IFAW Animal Action Award Winners 2010

ITV1 British Animal Honours Awards Local Charity of the Year 2013

BBC Radio Sussex & Surrey Community Heroes Award for Animal Welfare 2012



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