Sussex Police Rescue Poorly Hedgehog

A big thank you to Sussex Police for delivering this very poorly hedgehog to our veterinary hospital this afternoon.

Whilst driving through Windmill Hill officers noticed a gentlemen acting suspiciously so they pulled over. On stopping to question the gentleman they soon found out he was looking at a hedgehog.

Hedgehogs should not be out during the day time at any time of year, so the officers knew they needed to get the hedgehog some help. They were also concerned about the hedgehog's size with more cold winter weather on the way.

Officers called East Sussex Wildlife Rescue for help and agreed to deliver the casualty across to their hospital at Whitesmith near Lewes.

"A big thank you to Sussex Police for delivering the hedgehog to us, they did the right thing in calling to check what course of action to take. Our on duty ambulances were unfortunately quite a distance away so rather than wait for us to attend the officers kindly drove the hedgehog across to us" said Duty Rescue Co-ordinator Trevor Weeks.

The hedgehog which turns out to be a boy was checked over and weighed. His weight is only 380grams which is too small to survive hibernation.

"We have named the hedgehog 'Bill' and will take good care of him. The actions of the gentlemen and of Sussex Police have saved this hedgehogs life, and he will go on to live another day and hopefully help the hedgehog population in Windmill to flurish once released" said Trevor.

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2 thoughts on “Sussex Police Rescue Poorly Hedgehog

  1. Mark Hemsley

    Hi .Glad to read this good news this morning as iv'e unfortunately found a dead hedgehog on neighbours lawn this morning.Weighing 588g and no evidence of illness I was very saddened as iv'e enjoyed a pair on a nightly basis in my rear garden this summer.

    1. adam dennis

      Hi Mark. I have enjoyed watching hedgehogs recently especially in lockdown when they seemed very busy. I was very pleased to hear of the rescue but sad to hear your news. Random question did your wife do a btec in travel and tourism?


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