Trevor recovers following adder bite

Trevor is recoverying after being bitten by an Adder during a rescue in Lewes on Saturday. A combination of Trevor's blood pressure problems and the venomous bite causes Trevor to collapse in an almost fatal but rare reaction.

At Lewes Minor Injury Unit Trevor had his bite assessed but then collapsed as his blood pressure dropped and pain increased. Paramedics worked on him for 15 minutes before rushing him by ambulance to Brighton Accident and Emergency Department. At one point Trevor's girlfriend was warned Trevor may not survive. Anti-venom was administered along with other drugs.

Nurses observed Trevor's condition over night and he was allowed to return home at 6pm on Sunday. Trevor's fingers, hands and right arm are swollen as well as his lymph glands under his right arm.

Unfortunately he is unable to drive is under strict orders to rest and recover.

Trevor has issued the following statement:

"I would like to thank the nurses at Lewes Minor Injury Unit, the Paramedics as well as the Doctors and Nurses at the Royal Sussex County Hospital for their expert care and attention in looking after me so well. It cannot have been easy for my girlfriend Kathy and WRAS Carers Brian and Monica being told that I might not make it, so thank you for being there. I really appreciate all the help and support that all the WRAS volunteers have been giving to help cover for me and ensure the wildlife casualties are being looked after."

WRAS does not want people to be worried about snakes in their gardens as a result of this incident. Less than 1 in 5 bites are venomous, normally the first bite is a warning. In rescue situations like this rescuers are more at risk and examining for ligature wounds cannot be done with thick gloves on either.

Trevor is on the mend and WRAS would like to apologise for any delays or calls which we have not been able to respond to recently as a result this incident.

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Press Contact: Trevor Weeks, Director, East Sussex WRAS, 07931 523958

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