Trevor’s Wildlife Crisis Run!

On Sunday 18th September WRAS founder Trevor Weeks MBE will be running the Bates Green Gallop at Arlington which is home to the locally famous Blue Bell Walk.

Trevor will be running to raise vital funds for East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service's Wildlife Crisis Appeal!

You can support him and donate to the appeal at:

With the RSPCA no longer 24 hours and many rescues permanently / temporarily closed and others operating a reduce service, our wildlife is in crisis!

The resources no longer exist to cope with the huge workload of casualties. Charities and veterinary centres are struggling to cope locally and there is a desperate need for more facilities in East Sussex.

East Sussex WRAS is a well established and award winning animal welfare charity and stands the best chance of setting up a permanent and sustainable rescue centre covering East Sussex. But they need you help to raise the much need funds.

"I started undertaking wildlife rescue and conservation work in 1985 when I was just 13 years old. I would never have thought that 37 years later WRAS would be where it is today" said Trevor.

"Over the years I have seen so many people set up and close down. All very passionate people who love wildlife but burn themselves out due to the pressure and huge workload locally. So many organisations have closed and those which exist have been struggling for years. With Rogers Wildlife Rescue permanently closed and other temporarily close or operating at a reduced service along with Bird Flu and Covid it has been a nightmare for our local wildlife the last few years. WRAS has steadily grown over the last few years and stands the best chance of establishing a bigger, better and secure rescue centre suitable of coping with the workload locally" said Trevor.

Please help support WRAS to increase and establish a new Casualty Centre to ensure our local wildlife is given the care and attention they deserve.

Reg Charity 1108880.

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