Warning after Hedgehog Falls into pot of glue.

This afternoon (Tuesday 30th June 2020) WRAS's staff, vets and volunteers have had to deal with a horrendous case of a hedgehog which managed to get into a pot of glue in a shed in Eastbourne. Staff tried their best to remove the glue but the hedgehog was so badly covered that it just became mission impossible to remove it all. The glue was inside the poor creatures mouth, around its genitals, between toes, all over the stomach, and in between the spines. Our vet was also very concerned about the hedgehog's poor breathing due to the toxic fumes. Staff tried removing the glue, with various cleaning agents, but there was just too much glue in too many tight spaces to remove it without causing the poor animal suffering. We have some very upset staff at the centre this afternoon as a result.

So yet another plea this afternoon, please store chemicals, paint, glue, antifreeze and other such products off the ground and in secure containers to avoid unfortunate incidents like this from occurring. We have released this photo in the hope that other animals won't suffer as a result.

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