Yet Another Duckling Rescue Uckfield

Rescuers this morning were called to Fernley Park in Uckfield after a mum and 6 ducklings became trapped in a garden. They must have nested somewhere in the garden but had no way of getting out and to a pond. The only way for them to walk out of the garden was to go through a garage and out onto the street before wandering to one of three local ponds. Rescuers Thea Taylor and Ellie Langridge slowly and gently encouraged them towards the garage but mum was very reluctant to enter the garage. "With the other garage door wide open to the street, so mum could see she could get through, we were able to get a rather reluctant mum into the garage. The ducklings needed a bit of help getting in, but were soon following mum" said rescuer Ellie. Once in the garage mum was quick to walk through and out onto the street, where rescuer Trevor Weeks was already at the road side keeping an eye out for traffic. "She very quickly crossed the road and walked into a small close, before heading off across the grass to a wooded stream" said Ellie. Mum and 6 ducklings were soon under a fence and further down the stream to a wooded pond on the edge of the house estate. "It is never easy to know where mum will want to walk her young, and it is never a good idea to jump to the conclusion that the nearest pond is where she is heading, or when your back is turned she will walk off and potentially get run over. So where possible we always let mum walk to wherever she wants to go" explained Trevor Weeks WRAS's Rescue Co-ordinator. "Trying to get mum and ducklings through a garage is always challenging and sometimes mum will point blankly refuse to go through, but on this occasion she was fairly co-operative so we could help her get safely to the pond".

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