Yet More Ducklings Rescues

Its that time of year when WRAS rescuers get called out all over East Sussex to rescue ducklings.

Today (30th April 2021) rescuers Brian and Trevor attended an incident at Framfield where a female mallard duck was killed by a dog leaving several orphaned young ducklings.

The ducklings were scattered across two ponds and needed searching for. The first two were easy to catch but difficult to get to. The next two were not so easy diving underwater to get away, then legging it across the grass to another pond. The final duckling hid in the vegetation and was more easily caught.

The five ducklings were taken back to WRAS's Casualty Centre and are now in an incubator recuperating and having their injuries assessed.

As rescuers arrived back at WRAS's Casualty Centre they were called out to a mum and ducklings at Copper Beach Nursing Home at Uckfield.

This time a mum and ducklings wanted to walk her young onto the busy Eastbourne Road. Due to the dangerous location, distance to the nearest pond , and risk to both rescuers and ducks, rescuers stepped in to catch them all and transport them to a nearby pond.

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