Autumn Appeal Window Stickers

To coincide with our Autumn Appeal 2020, we’ll soon be receiving delivery of our very own car window stickers from Fast Labels that will help us to promote our appeal and, in turn, continue providing a high level of service and care to our local wildlife.

WRAS is expecting to deal with over 5000 casualties in 2020, therefore, promotion of our charity and the Autumn Appeal is necessary to enable us to attend to such a large number of wildlife casualties. Whilst 2020 has seen many rescue centres close their doors, here at East Sussex WRAS we’ve been working endlessly to provide our local wildlife with the best care we can. We hope that our new Autumn Appeal stickers will enable us raise vital funds and allow us to continue providing our veterinary ambulance service.

Fast Labels’ in-house design team are creating our Autumn Appeal stickers using the same fonts and colours we use on our website to ensure the design is in keeping with our branding guidelines. As well as window stickers, Fast Labels can provide a whole range of other stickers, including paper, polypropylene, textured paper and metallic foil. They’re also able to provide stickers in almost any shape and size, allowing their goods to be used as packaging labels, wall decals, window signage and more.

We can’t wait to hand out our new Autumn Appeal stickers to our supporters!

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