National Lock Down and East Sussex WRAS

With another National lock down looming and with an increase in Covid-19 cases, East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service is again, going back to operating on a skeleton crew. Our staff and a very limited number of volunteers will again continue working at the Casualty Centre and will prioritise looking after the casualties in our care. Our Rescue Line will continue to operate during the day time and continue to deal with only emergencies during the night. If you can help support us this winter so we can continue to attend as much as possible please do. We already estimate that our casualty numbers will reach 5000 by the end of the year, over 1000 more than last year! So please help if you can. Donations can also be made at or posted to East Sussex WRAS, PO Box 2148, Seaford, BN25 9DE

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2 thoughts on “National Lock Down and East Sussex WRAS

  1. Robyn Hatter

    Please could you advise if you are still able to accept volunteers / are taking applications for post-lockdown? If so, please could you send an application form for Volunteer Animal Care Assistant? Many thanks, Robyn Hatter.

    1. East Sussex WRAS

      Post author

      If you go top the volunteering page all the information is on there with details of how to apply etc. Many Thanks.


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