Baby Badger Cub Rescued

This is how bad this little badger cub was when found near Haywards Heath on 20th February.

This little badger cub came to us on the 20th Feburary after being found out of his sett, calling and suffering from multiple puncture wounds.

He was rescued and taken in at East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS). The poor cub was touch and go, not breathing particularly well, including chest trauma.

These wounds were treated by East Sussex WRAS's Veterinary and Care Team and it was all fingers crossed in the hope he would survive.

Day by day WRAS's care team nursed the very loud wriggling bundle of fluff back to a more stable condition and better health. He is now more than double his original size and eating and drinking plenty. This week our vet was happy he was stable and suitable to be moved on to a more suitable and experienced rescue centre. a

A huge thank you to Wildlife Aid who have today taken him on to continue his rearing and rehabilitation.

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