Badger returns home after falling down Gas Mains hole.

Photo taken by the gas company workers when they first saw the badger.

On Thursday 21st January East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) received an unusual call regarding a badger which had fallen into a hole dug for gas works in Little Common.

By the time WRAS was contacted late on Thursday evening, the badger had already dug himself a tunnel into the side wall of the trench, now out of reach and sight of rescuers.

Rescuers met the gas company on Friday morning and they agreed to halt works giving WRAS time to attempt capture using a trap. Initial thoughts of providing a ramp for the badger to climb out were ruled out due to the size and depth of the hole.

After meeting with the gas company on Friday morning, they agreed to halt works in the area until the badger was safely removed.

Friday night rescuers returned and placed a trap in the bottom of the hole. With the trap set, checks were made every few hours throughout the night. After no sign of any activity initially rescuers started to get concerned that the badger wouldn't go in the trap. So when they checked at 4.30am they were relieved that the badger had ventured out and was patiently waiting in the trap.

The badger was lifted out of the hole and taken to WRAS's veterinary centre at Whitesmith where he was bedded down and given food and water.

The gas company finished their works and the hole was filled in by Saturday (23rd Jan 2021) so rescuers returned the badger back to the area late a night when the roads were quiet so he could be released back into his home range.

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