Buzzard Release on New Years Eve

Day One

Back in November 2021 we had this buzzard transferred to us from Bexhill & Hastings Wildlife Rescue. They had rescued him from near Heathfield where he was found by the side of the road.

He was delivered to WRAS's hospital at Whitesmith where he was checked over and we suspected he had been clipped by a car. The buzzard was suffering from a broken wing as well as being almost half the weight he should be. The prognosis was not looking good.

Day 2

WRAS's Vet/Care Team gave medication and started him on fluids to help get his system working again and his wing was stabilised to allow the bones to heal.

After a few weeks of tube feeding and fracture management for his wing he was doing really well and we were able to remove the bandage. To everyone's surprise the buzzard was flying within 30 minutes of his bandage being removed and he also started eating for himself.

In one of our outdoor pens.

From here he progressed from strength to strength and after some time outside building up his muscle strength (and remembering to roost up at night) we were pleased to release him home on New Years Eve.

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