Deer rescued from Fence in Eastbourne

Rescuers from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue were called down to Eastbourne after staff at the Suzuki Garage by Whitley Road railway bridge noticed a young deer caught in the fencing.

Duty Rescue Co-ordinator Ellie Langridge and Care Team member Holly Davis were the first on the scene and called in support from WRAS founder Trevor Weeks and rescuer Ollie Long. WRAS's vet Mike Symons also attended on site as the deer was going to need sedating.

WRAS also contacted Network Rail for assistance as entry to the railway was going to be necessary too.

The deer was sedated and initially hoped that it would be able to reverse out of the gap, but due to the length of time the deer had been caught and the swelling which had occured the deer was stuck fast.

Network Rail worked on the fence to move an upright bar which could then be jacked wider apart so the deer could be free. This attempt worked after a lot of effort and the deer was free.

The animal was then loaded into WRAS's veterinary ambulance and driven to the charities veterinary hospital at Whitesmith where deer specialist were contacted. The deer is now at a specialist facility were it is being assessed, but it is unclear whether treatment for the pressure wounds around the abdomen will be success.

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