Difficult Gull Rescue at Eastbourne Pier

Meet Pierre the gull rescued by WRAS rescuers last night.

Rescuers responded to an emergency call-out from Sussex Police after a member of the public called them reporting an adult herring gull caught in fishing line hanging underneath Eastbourne Pier.

The gull's wing was caught in the line and was hanging down in the middle of a very long piece of fishing line strung between the top of the pier and a metal girder just over half way down.

"I first saw the gull from the beach and at first I was really not sure how I was going to be able to reach him. I honestly thought I would be walking away unsuccessful" said rescuer Trevor Weeks.

"Once up on top of the pier I soon discovered that the fishing line was attached to the the back of the seats which run along the edge of the pier. Things were now looking more positive and hopeful" added Trevor.

Wearing thick gloves rescuers were able to wind the fishing line around their hand pulling it tightly enough to snap the line so the gull could be pulled up to the top of the pier.

With help of the security on the pier the gull was lifted up over the edge of the pier, secured and the line cut.

The gull was then taken back to WRAS's casualty centre for a good meal and check over. It is hoped that the gull's shoulder is not damaged and that he can be released back to the wild soon.

Reg charity 1108880 www.wildlifeambulance.org

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