Duckling Chimney Rescue Uckfield

Rescuers from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) had an unusual call to some ducklings in a chimney, which resulted in the Fire Service coming out to assist with the rescue.

The initial report was from residents in Old Common Way Uckfield, of a duck who had nested in a false chimney and now had ducklings in there unable to get out. The residents could hear cheeping coming from the chimney and mum was flying back and forth from the neighbouring pond and the chimney, seemingly becoming more frustrated.

Rescuers attended not sure what they would be faced with but it was all exactly as described over the phone.

Unfortunately due to the area and position of the chimney it was not possible to use our ladders to gain access and we made a call to East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service who offered to come and help and were with us within 15 minutes.

They were able to gain access to the chimney and found 2 very little and very messy duckling in a sorry state, as well as 2 deceased ducklings and 6 eggs which were cold and had no chance of hatching.

Rescuers had to make the hard decision to bring the 2 ducklings into care instead of reuniting them with mum due to their poor condition, if we had allowed them on to the pond with mum they would not have survived.

A huge thank you the staff of East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service for coming to help in this bizarre situation, sadly mum has lost her babies but all being well these little ones now stand a chance of survival. There is still time for mum to re-nest and have more young.

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