16 Ducklings Rescued in Haywards Heath

WRAS Rescuers have spent yesterday afternoon (Saturday 2nd May) in Haywards Heath, trying to catch 16 orphaned ducklings from the village pond, after there mum was found dead this morning.
Concerned residents got intouch, after the ducklings they had been watching grow with their mum over the last 2 weeks had become orphaned.

Having spoken with local rescues they were advise to call WRAS and see if we could help due to the equipment we had available.
A group of rescuer attended and using the boats, nets and shear determination they finally managed to catch all 16.
These little ones are to young to be alone without mum and wouldn't have survived if left, however that didnt mean they would let us catch them easily.
They will now remain in care to do a bit more growing, and when they are old enough will be released back to the wild.

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