Eight Ducklings Rescued from Stream

The ducklings swimming around in the stream.

After another busy day and evening with over 33 incidents dealt with, rescuers were about to head home and rescue call came in for 8 orphaned ducklings near Heathfield.

A lady out walking noticed the ducklings in a stream as she cross over looking down from a bridge. She monitored them for a while but there was no sign of mum anywhere. She returned home and called WRAS. She drove out to the bridge to check they were still there and there was still no mum.

Rescuers Ellie and Ollie who had just returned home from a busy day and Trevor who was luckily still at the centre met up at Boship Roundabout and drove to the site of rescue.

They had to use ladders to get down into the stream from a bridge on a rather narrow lane between Waldron and Little London (Heathfield area).

The duckling started swimming down stream so Trevor to encouraged them back towards the bridge wading through the water. Ollie and Ellie waited with nets to catch them as they got closer to the concrete base of the bridge and tunnel going under the lane.

Trevor with the rescued ducklings.

Trevor managed to catch two of the ducklings whilst encouraging them towards Ollie who was able to net four more, allowing Ellie to catch the remaining two.

A good bit of team work swiftly done. The ducklings are now bedded down in an incubator for the night.

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One thought on “Eight Ducklings Rescued from Stream

  1. Sue Bond

    Thank you so much for coming out and rescuing them - don’t think they would have survived overnight. Fantastic job, well done all!


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