Rescue centre snowed in

The founder of an animal shelter near Lewes has been bedding down with more than 50 hedgehogs to ensure they get essential food and medication.

Trevor Weeks, founder of East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) has stayed on site whilst other volunteers struggle to make it through the heavy snow. After a bad weather spell, Trevor has been inundated with hedgehogs needing help. He currently has 53 hedgehogs, two wood pigeons, a badger, and a feral pigeon in care at the centre all which need regular cleaning, feeding and medication.

Trevor said: "I struggled to get out to get home last night and thought it best to turn round and head back to the centre - just in case I couldn't get back."

"The waste water pump is broken so we are having to use buckets to clean too."

"Some local volunteers who live on the main roads have managed to get in this morning but all our normal rota volunteers have not been able to get here. We can't risk the casualties not getting fed, watered or medicated so I will be staying here until it is safer for our volunteers to get in and out."

WRAS has had a number of calls over the past 24 hours about hedgehogs out in the snow, as well as woodcocks flying into windows. WRAS is advising anyone who finds an injured wild animal or bird to call for advice but in the snow it may not be possible for WRAS to attend on site. Local vets can also help with casualties to.

Many wild birds and mammals will struggle to find food during the snow, but is urging people not to forget about fresh water. "We have seen many birds on the roads sides drinking out of salty water where the roads have been gritted, but this is not good for them. Please empty your water bowls as often as you can and mix a spoonful of sugar in warm water so to provide the birds and mammals with extra energy and it keep the water defrosted for slightly longer too" added Trevor.

WRAS is a charity and relies on donations to support its work and to pay for the food, hospital, medication and keeping the ambulances on the road. So please consider making an online donation or posting a donation to East Sussex WRAS, PO Box 2148, Seaford, East Sussex, BN25 9DE.

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Press Contact: Trevor Weeks, Director, East Sussex WRAS, 07931 523958

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