Hedgehogs rescued on Seaford Patio

A resident in north Seaford contacted East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS), after finding an adult and a young hedgehog on her patio in the daytime.

Rescuers Stuart MacQueen and Trevor Weeks attended on site to investigate the situation better. “As a general rule if a hedgehog is out during daylight, it is in trouble” said WRAS founder Trevor Weeks MBE.

On site, rescuers could see the steps were certainly too tall for the youngster to climb back up to the garden and mum may have had a problem due to the overhanging slab, or not wanting to leave the youngster.  Trevor and Stuart checked round the garden to ensure that there were suitable access points for the hedgehogs to come and go from the garden easily.  Once this was confirmed, Trevor checked over both the hedgehogs for any signs of illness or injury.

“The youngster turned out to be a boy and nicely rounded. All legs and feet were in order, his eyes were nice and bright. There were no unusual or horrible smells. I couldn’t even see any ticks or fleas. I was able to feel his tummy and chest. There were no visible wounds or bites” said Trevor who also checked the adult hedgehog over.

“The adult turned out to a female and likely related to the boy – I suspect these are mother and son. She was a nice size too. Although reluctant to uncurl and let me check her over fully, I could easily see she was in as good a condition as the young boy. I had no doubt that these two were stuck on the patio and just could not climb back out, so we found a suitable bush in the garden where they could be placed for the rest of the day and released,” said Trevor.

East Sussex WRAS is urging anyone who sees a hedgehog out during the daytime to contact a wildlife rescue for advice and assistance. “ If you find a hedgehog out during the daytime it is normally a sign they are in trouble.  Frequently they are injured or ill in someway and in need of veterinary help.  Not all problems are easily visible so even a hedgehog which looks healthy may need checking over in some circumstances,” said Trevor.

The charity is advising people to not try to deal with hedgehogs themselves and ensure they use a reputable rescue registered with a parent body such as the British Hedgehog Preservation Society or British Wildlife Rehabilitation Council to ensure the hedgehog is dealt with properly and receives the correct veterinary assessment and therefore does not suffer at all.  “We have come across numerous well-meaning people who have taken in hedgehogs as well as other creatures believing they just need feeding up and some rest – only for them to contact us several days later when the poor creature is in a terrible state and has not been assessed, diagnosed, and medicated accordingly by a reputable individual or organisation working with experienced wildlife veterinarians. This often leads to casualties dying on us or in need of euthanasia when they may well have been saveable if they had come into care straight away. ” said Trevor.

“The residents of north Seaford did exactly the right thing by calling out our charity and this ensured that the correct action was taken, and the best outcome was achieved” said Trevor.

East Sussex WRAS is an award-winning community charity which relies on public donations, legacies and fundraising. If you can help by fundraising, donating, or volunteering please get in touch via www.wildlifeambulance.org

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