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East Sussex WRAS has a new talk available for community groups all about deer.The talk looks at the work of East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service helping to deal with injured and entangled deer.

It covers some basic biology, identification, distribution, and the types of incidents which WRAS has attended over the last 25 year.

The picture is quite bleak for deer in East Sussex with hundreds being destroyed on the county's roads each year. However roads are not the only problem they face, especially as we develop on more green spaces causing the number of deer found in towns to increase. Sadly there are very few facilities in the UK where deer can be admitted and treated.

This is a very informative talk featuring some very dramatic videos and photos of deer dealt with by East Sussex WRAS. The talk is not suitable for some younger or very sensitive people as the talk shows real rescue footage of WRAS rescuers helping deer. The talk does not show any graphic injuries.

This is one of three talks now available to book for community groups:

1) The Work of East Sussex WRAS

2) Hedgehog Awareness & Rescue

3) Deer Awareness & Rescue

These talks are approximately 1 hour long. Check out the latest fees on our website at

We do not currently have a suitable talk available for primary school children but are working on this for the future.

To book call 01825-873003 or e-mail with some possible dates, times, the location and number of people likely to be present. Registered Charity 1108880

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