Rare Waxwing admitted into care.

A rare bird has been admitted into care at East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) today after being found in front of a school hedge in Uckfield.

A passing member of the public found the bird on the floor not moving. They contacted WRAS and liaised with staff Harlands School to get the bird into a box. East Sussex WRAS sent a veterinary ambulance to attend Harlands School in Mallard Drive Uckfield at 9:50am this morning where they were able to confirm it was a rare waxwing.

Rescuers were able to collect the bird and bring it back to WRAS’s Casualty Centre for assessment and treatment. “As is often the way with wildlife, we don’t know events which have led up to this bird becoming grounded and unwilling to fly” explained WRAS’s founder and Operations Director Trevor Weeks MBE.

“Our Care Team has assessed the bird’s condition, and the bird appears to be concussed and we can’t rule out that the bird has not had a collision or head injury, potentially with a vehicle. There does not appear to be any fractures, but the bird will need further assessment and possible x-rays. At this stage it is not clear whether the bird will survive but the first 48 hours will be crucial” added Trevor.

WRAS’s dedicated Care Team have started treatment and supportive care and the bird has been bedded down in an incubator to help aid shock and recovery. There are thought to be only around 10,000 birds which migrate and spend time in the UK every winter. They have recently been seen around Hailsham and Uckfield.

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