Successful Deer Rescue on New Year’s Day


The second rescue of 2024 has been a dramatic deer antler entanglement for East Sussex WRAS.

A team of trained rescuers responded at 1pm to reports of a deer entanglement in a woodland off Redbridge Lane, Crowborough on New Year's Day.

The team consisting on Keith Ring, Daryl Farmer, Ollie Long and Julie Stafford attended on site along with a WRAS Veterinary Ambulance. The deer had a huge quantity of football goal netting around its antlers.

The tree density made an approach with the deer rescue net problematic but successful and allowed Keith to safely gain control by grabbing one of the rear legs. The team set about cutting the netting but the thickness of the netting combined with the internal wire slowed down their efforts.

Within 10minutes the team were successfully releasing the deer back into the wild.

Reviewing the situation rescuers believe it is possible a well meaning person may have released the deer from the goal structure the netting was attached to allowing it to run off with the netting attached. This should always be avoided and a rescue service like WRAS called in to attend so the deer can be safely controlled and all the netting removed to the animal becoming caught up again. Sadly many deer die after secondary entanglements due to their location hidden in woodlands where they are often not found till it is too late.

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