Water is essential for life - in this heat our wildlife will struggle to find clean fresh water especially in residential areas.

Water can be in different size containers as long as there are stones or rocks which allow animals and birds to climb in and out easily so they don’t get stuck. Stones in the water protruding just above the surface of the water will help birds land and drink too.

Avoid placing water bowls close to over handing bushes, branches and bird feeders to avoid them fowling the water. Regularly wash the bowls and allow to air dry before refilling them with fresh water.

Do not put out any other fluids like milk, sugar water, gravy or fizzy drinks, for wildlife. Wildlife needs shade too so try and build a log pile or convert an old disused rabbit hutch into a shelter.

Plus a foot note: Hedgehogs unlike foxes should not be seen out during the day light, if they are they are in trouble, so secure them and call for help.

There is a wildlife crisis in East Sussex! You can help by donating to our Wildlife Crisis Appeal.

Reg Charity 1108880 Registered with the Fund Raising Regulator.

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