Seabirds washing ashore on Sussex Coastline

A Juvenile guillemot rescued from Seaford Beach this morning (19th Feb 2021)

Over the last 24 hours we have had several calls about guillemots on the Sussex coastline, as well as reports of a few dead birds on the beaches too. If anyone is out and about and wants to take a walk it would be useful to do so on the beach just in case there are any ashore and in need of help, especially the quieter more secluded beaches.

Please don't approach and risk chasing them into the sea, walk down to the waters edge (if safe to do so) and stand between the bird and the water therefore keeping the bird on shore. Please call your local wildlife rescue for assistance.

An oiled guillemot found at Birling Gap.

Black & white Guillemots and Razorbills (look like little penguins). Rough seas can cause these birds to lose track of the food sources they are following, as they have a high metabolism they can quickly lose weight and become exhausted.

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