Emergency Call to Crashed Swan in Eastbourne.

At around 10.20am this morning rescuers received a call about a swan which had crash landed in the builders yard at Travis Perkins off Whitley Road, Eastbourne.

Rescuers Tony & Claire Neads responded to the call for help and rushed down from Polegate and were on site quickly.

The swan had blood on its feathers which was found to be from an injured to its right leg, but luckily this was not too serious.

The swan was transported up to East Sussex Wildlife Rescue's hospital on the A22 at Whitesmith where WRAS's Care Team Katie Nunn Nash and Karen Francis took over.

The wounds were cleaned and treated and the swan bedded down for rest and recuperation.

"This swan which is clearly flying with L plates on still probably got caught out by turbulence and not being too experienced crashed as a result. We will keep him in for 24-48 hours observations to ensure nothing more serious has happened internally" said Lead Casualty Manager Katie.

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