Sparrowhawk Rescue at Weatherspoon’s Eastbourne

Rescuers were called down to Weatherspoon's in Cornfield Road, Eastbourne on Thursday 24th February 2022, after a sparrowhawk managed to get under the netting covering their garden area at the rear.

"The bird was lively and the area it could fly around was quite large. Luckily the netting was not too high for our rescue nets" said lead rescuer Ellie Langridge.

Team work is essential in these rescuers and Ellie worked with rescuers Jack Wood, Sandra Furner and a student from Plumpton College on work experience.

"There is a degree of skill but also luck in these rescues. It luckily didn't take us too long before we managed to get the bird into one of our nets, it was then urgent to get a second net over the top in order to prevent the bird escaping. The net was then lowered to the ground where Sandra could secure the bird in a carrier" added Ellie.

After an assessment of the bird, the sparrowhawk was taken outside and just round the corner to a suitable location for release.

"The bird shot off as soon as the carrier was opened and straight up into a tree. We see some awful sight in this line of work and can have some really upsetting days when casualties die or can't be saved, but today it was great to see this lovely bird fly off so strongly and live to fight another day" said Ellie.

Ellie checks over the bird to ensure it is suitable for release.

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