Uckfield Ducklings Reunited with Mum

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) were called out late morning today (15th April 2020) , after a mum and 11 ducklings were found wandering around a close in Roman Way, Uckfield.

When rescuers arrived, mum and 8 ducklings were wandering back and forth along a fence line trying to find a way through to get to a pond off the River Uck near Hempstead Lane. "We managed to secure open a gap in the fence for mum and ducklings to get through, but as they we did so, it quickly became apparent that there were more ducklings around as their cheaping echoed out of several drains."

WRAS's veterinary ambulance was positioned in the road to create a safe working environment for rescuers to lift a drain and attempt a rescue.

"It was really difficult as any sudden move the duckling would run back into the pipes" said rescuer Holly Davis.

Two were caught in a large inspection chamber the middle of the close and another one was encouraged out of a pipe and smelly water from a drain at the side of the road. The rescue took almost 90 minutes.

The third duckling was more problematic to get to as it was out of reach and only a small hole to work from. However, eventually the duckling was encouraged out and secured.

Once rescuers were convinced that their were no more ducklings they took them over to the pond where mum had made her way successfully through the bushes. Rescuers were then able to release the last three ducklings which swam off to their mum to be reunited.

"It was so nice to see them all reunited together, and as we were doing so we could hear the local residents in the houses cheering that they were all back together safely" said rescuer Ellie Langridge.

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