Lewes Library Pigeon Rescue

Rescuers had a difficulty rescue this afternoon in Lewes Library.

A pigeon managed to get itself down inside a hollow pillar inside the Library after flying in through an open window.  Rescuers, working on the first floor, had to use a ladder to reach the top of the pillar before using an extending pole with a small net head on the end. It took about 5 minutes to get the bird into the net head but longer to then try and get the bird up and out without losing the bird or it escaping.

Working so close to the roof made it very difficult to maneuver the pole which had to be constantly shortened every few inches as the bird was lifted up through the pillar.

The bird must have been at least 10ft down inside the pillar. The bird was eventually in the rescuers hands and taken out to the waiting veterinary ambulance. Once checked over rescuers decided to bring the pigeon in as it was underweight. It is hoped that the pigeon will be released after a few days of rest and recuperation.

This is the sixth occasion WRAS rescuers have been called to Lewes Library to remove birds which have flown inside and couldn't get out again.


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