Owl Flies from Shoreham to Gloucester

A young tawny owl which was rescue over the weekend with a nasty fractured leg and in need of a specialist operation has been flown from Sussex to Gloucestershire by plane.

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) rescued the bird but due to the specialist nature of the operation required the bird needed to go to Vale Wildlife Rescue in Gloucestershire.

WRAS and Vale WIldlife Rescue supporter Graham Mountford of Sky Watch agreed to fly the bird the 45 minutes flight to Gloucestershire rather than put the bird through a 3-4 hours road journey.

"The poor owl came in over the weekend with a nasty fractured leg. Our care team supported the fracture and emails were sent of an X ray to Caroline at Vale. Caroline very kindly offered to take on the owl and the team at Vale will attempt surgery on the injured leg" explained Chris.

WRAS would like to wish Vale luck with the operation and thank you them and Graham for their support and help.

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