The majority of calls we receive during the Spring months are to baby or abandonded birds. Although some do need rescuing, many fledglings do not. WRAS receives numerous calls from members of the public concerned about foxes. Limps are one of the most common concerns, however not all limping foxes will need to come in for care. East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) is a front line rescue service to help people who find sick, injured and orphaned wildlife across East Sussex. There are 11 difference species of gull found around the UK coastline. Because of the on going decline in many of the gulls species the Herring Gull has now be placed on the Amber Conservation Status list by the RSPB. The badger will stay in WRAS Leucistic hedgehog More birds of prey are killed by shock rather than their injuries, so swift action is a prime necessity as any delay increases stress. If you are not trained in handling and examining birds of prey then do not attempt to do either as this too can be stressful.

East Sussex WRAS was established as a voluntary group in 1996, but some of its rescuers have been rescuing since 1985. The organisation was set up in order to provide a front-line rescue service for wildlife casualties who unlike their domesticated cousins, do not have owners to help look after them.

WRAS deals with calls from members of the public and other animal welfare organisations like the Swan Sanctuary, Fox Project, Southdowns Badger Group, International Animal Rescue, British Divers Marine Life Rescue, Sussex Bat Hospital and many others. The average cost of responding to and dealing with a call-out is £75, which includes veterinary bills, food, water, electric, bedding, caging, rescue equipment, vehicles and fuel, phone bills and other necessary expenses.

Every year between 2-3,000 calls are made to WRAS’s rescue line. Our rescuers are all volunteers and are funded by kind donations from people like you.

East Sussex WRAS is working alongside the Animal Careers College to improve animal welfare.

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